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Step 1 | Consultation

Your project begins here.

With an initial meeting followed by a review of the project information we can begin to put your project together. We want to get your vision in this process and share best practice means & methods to build that vision. We can review full plans or brainstorm an idea. While Construction is here to assist you in completing the project that you want.

Work + Play

Step 2 | Design/Plan

The Fun Part.

We are here as your representative to insure that your visions are translated into the design of your project, from specific needs to finding ways to include some of your wants. Whiley Construction has several reputable and established partners from Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors, and Vendors to bring your vision to life through the Design Phase. We are hands on during this phase tasked with eliminating any potential constructability concerns, design conflicts, and/or scope gaps in your project to insure a progressive flow of your project during the course of construction.


Step 3 | Build

Making your vision a reality.

From the Initial Permitting to Project Completion Whiley Construction is your insurance that the Discussions Had, Design Elements Selected, and the Visions Shared are becoming a visual reality. We are a full service contractor at your disposal and will be your partner through this process. We are here to build your project and welcome site visits, meetings, consultations, and input throughout the construction phase. Whiley Construction is a transparent firm and want our clients to be a part of all facets of their project.